THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED!  Due to the sunflowers blooming early, we have cancelled this August event.  Look for it again next summer!

Summer is in full swing and Green Meadows Petting Farm is having our first Sunflower Field on August 8-9 and 15-16.  We have planted over 3 acres of sunflowers.  This is a great opportunity to take unique photos to be shared with family and friends.  Come pick a sunflower bouquet for yourself. Or just walk through the field and enjoy the views.  Admission to just the Sunflower Fest is $5.00.  If you purchase an admission to the petting farm, the price is included in your visit.  Sunflowers are $1.00 each.

Note:  Sunflowers are an agricultural crop and are subject to growing and weather conditions. The farm does not guarantee the sunflowers will bloom on a particular date.  Therefore, check our Facebook page for updates on this event.  While visiting, maintain personal responsibility (stay 6 feet apart, wear masks if desired, wash hands frequently).