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2021-22 Event Price List


              Below is our pricing for 2021-2022 as well as other information you may find helpful.  We welcome any and all conversation and/or questions, as our goal is to work with you to create a special day. 


  • Rates are based on events of 200 guests or less.
  • For events of more than 200 guests – tents, tables and staff may be added as needed and priced separately.                 


        Jan. 1 to Mar. 21 –    $1,950.00
        Apr. 10 to May 9   –   $2,950.00
        May 15 to Sep. 12 –  $3,750.00
        Sep. 25 to Nov. 7   –  $4,950.00
        Nov. 13 to Nov. 21 –  $3,750.00
        Nov. 26 to Dec. 26 –  $2,950.00


        Jan. 1 to Feb. 27 –    $1,950.00
        Mar. 5 to May 8   –   $2,950.00
        May 14 to Sep. 11 –  $3,750.00
        Sep. 24 to Nov. 6  –  $4,950.00
        Nov. 12 to Dec. 31 – $2,950.00

Rental fee includes the following:

  • • Use of the Stables/Event Area for six (6) hours (not including set-up and clean-up). Longer times are available for an additional fee.
    • Picnic tables (8 ft. long) to seat up to 200 guests. (Round or banquet tables and chairs as well as linens can be arranged for an additional fee.)
    • GMF shall handle parking.
    • GMF shall have one staff member available for the duration of the event.
    • Six (6) banquet tables for food, gifts, cake, etc.


Discounts may be available for Small events (75 guests or less) as well as events booked with short notice, depending on the details of the event.

 Wedding Ceremony On-Site: (when reception is at GMF) – $650.00

  • There are several location options available for a wedding ceremony.  So far, we have used the front porch of the Manor House, the inside of the Hay Barn and outside in the fresh, country air! 
  • There is NO charge for rehearsal time. 

  Friday Set-up / Rehearsal Dinner party:  $500.00

      • Friday night set-up for couples holding their wedding reception on a Saturday.
      • And/or, you wish to host your rehearsal dinner party at GMF.
      • Friday night set-up for a Saturday event.

Payment Terms:

  • A fifty percent non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date.
  • The remaining balance of the rental is due thirty (30) days prior to the event.

 Upgrade Options:

We offer several upgrades options.  The following list is a few of the more popular ones, but as we said before, please do not hesitate to ask for more.    

  • Farm/Animal Barn Visit                     $300.00
  • Bonfire                                               $250.00


  • Set-Up may begin at 8:00 a.m. the morning of your event unless you have scheduled your Rehearsal Dinner on-site.  In that case, you can begin set-up on the night before.
  • The Stables/Event Area may be reserved on Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. the day prior to your Saturday wedding, for a discounted rate of $500.00.
  • Decorations currently in place in the Stables must remain in place unless special arrangements have been made to alter, change or add to them.  Additional fees will be charged to change them.
  • Use of nails, screws, staples, tacks, tape, etc. are prohibited.  Nothing shall be attached to the walls.

Catering/Food Service:

  • GMF allows flexibility in choosing a caterer/food service.  We require that the business be licensed and insured.
  • The caterer/food service business must provide a Certificate of Insurance listing Green Meadows Farm as an Additional Insured.  This certificate must be provided no later than 30 days prior to your event. 
  • In the event the caterer/food service business you choose is not insured, or will not list GMF as an Additional Insured, GMF will obtain the required insurance for an additional fee of $150.00.  This fee will be due 30 days prior to your event.
  • Caterer is responsible for removal of trash created from this event. 


  • Alcohol may be served but cannot be sold.
  • Hosted alcoholic service at the reception must end at or before 11:00 pm.

 Amplified Music:

  • When selecting your music, whether DJ or live band, please keep in mind the tranquil country setting in which you have elected to host your reception.
  • All amplified music must remain inside the Stables.
  • Music must end at or before 11:00 pm.

Farm Security:

In addition to the Stables and Event Areas, GMF has up to 300 farm animals.  The animals, animal barns, corrals, pastures, cages and animal pen areas are NOT part of the event unless included in the contract under upgrades.  If not included, your guests and/or vendors are NOT permitted to walk around the farm or visit the Animal Barn.  For liability insurance purposes and in the interest of safety to all guests, vendors and animals, this policy is mandatory. 

NOTE:  For weddings, the bridal party and photographer will have access to most areas of the farm for pictures.

Thanks for your interest in Green Meadows Farm!

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